Sticky Table Success

Purpose :

Allow hands-on manipulation of concept in an activity without cutting skills.


Place roll of contact paper sticky side up on the complete table.  Tape down edges. Place material to be used within reach of child.  Done.   


Often we are teaching a lesson and the challenges of developing skills, such as gluing and cutting, get in the way.  True those are great and necessary goals for a preschoolerer, but if that is not the goal of the lesson, then is it necessary?  Leave the scissors and glue in the writing center today.  Pull out the contact paper. Sticky tables!  I love sticky table activities. Why?  Everyone is successful.  Immediately.  The sensory seeker loves the sensation of touching the sticky table. The sensory avoider doesn’t have to worry about touching messy glue.  The worry of having to control impulses or having to face unwanted sensations is stressful for children.  This removes those fears.

Kids can do this art again and again. Pieces can be arranged and rearranged.  It also allows for 3 dimensional art, which I love. Life is 3 dimensional and some of your children probably can see images and shapes in 3 D in their head.  This gives them an avenue to translate those into their art.


The possibilities are endless.  

And remember, simplicity: less is more.  Set it up…walk away.  They do not need to be micromanaged.