More Sensory Play Ideas

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Be All In


Are you ready for tomorrow?  The kids are.

 They will BE ALL IN.

 Will you?



Pumpkin Moon Sand 
Today we mix 2 cans of pumpkin with our cinnamon moon sand from yesterday (4 cups of sand +2 cups of cornstarch + a little water. Sprinkle with cinnamon)
The change of color and texture was a delight to some and outrage to one.
The smell was wonderful!




Throw Something on the Table...Anything

This day it was Applesauce.

All it took was walking to the table and pouring it out.  

"What are you doing?" 

"Throwing applesauce on the table." 

"That's so cool." 

No instructions needed.  They will know what to do. 


Frozen Shaving Cream


Inspired by 

Growing A Jeweled Rose

 we made frozen shaving cream with fingerpaint hidden inside.

What cold, great, messy fun.  It was a challenge to determine what the frozen solid form was in the middle.

The younger kids loved the sensory cool blob that melted into a squishy mixing of colors. The olders actually started using the frozen fingerpaint as a writing implement. 



Apple Washing Station

Set up some apples, bowl of soapy water and bowl of clear water and you have an apple washing station.  For those little sensory seekers that are drawn to water, this combines the sensory input they seek with a place to learn self regulation and cooperation.  Additionally, gripping a wet apple is ideal for building up strength and dexterity in the hand muscles.



Fun From Produce Aisle


Make friends with the Produce Guy.  He can steer you towards the in season produce that is on sale. After we shucked the corn (a huge fine motor hit), we rolled it in paint.  It spurred a discussion of smooth vs. bumpy and an exploration of color mixing.