Counter Ideas...Count Away


Farm Animals

After reading and reenacting "The Three Little Pigs", building houses of straw, sticks, and bricks, and, yes, rolling in mud, I kept the pigs coming.  Add your favorite counters and count the mud spots.


Caterpillar Counting

After several days of real caterpillars hanging out in our classroom, one of the children started making her own caterpillars out of dot markers.  I couldn't resist playing with her. Just grab some dot markers and varied colored counters for this activity.  Color sorting, number recognition and one-to-one number correspondence all hidden here.


Pumpkin Patch


A field trip to a local pumpkin patch is a national right of passage.  I think it is one of the few ways many children can connect with the actual farm to table process.  The bright colors, the climbing over huge pumpkins, picking up odd shape loads, hiding in the hay makes for a sensory workout.  Not to mention the jack-o-lantern cutting and digging into all that squishy goodness.  Just for fun, throw some pumpkin counters on the table with these scarecrow prints.  Count away.

Car, Trucks and Automobiles

Kids love all forms of transportation.  There will always be a kid that asks "Where are the cars?" every morning before uttering "Hi."   Throw those cars on the table. Use those cars as counters.

More Spiders


Hopefully, you do not live in a place with lots of spiders, lizards and snakes as some of us do, but you can still count with them.  They are not just for Halloween.

Hot Chocolate...or as I choose to see it - Coffee

Use white pompoms or real marshmallows as counters on a cold winter day, then follow it up with hot chocolate for snack.  Grab a coffee for yourself. You know you need it.