Small Kids. Big Ideas. is the brainchild of two early childhood educators who started across the hall, but now parallel teach across the country.  The philosophy behind Small Kids. Big Ideas. is that successful learning in a fun way is dependent upon Knowing The Child.  Each child is a gift. They are placed in your care for hours a day. Your job is to notice. Notice those little details that make up that complex child. And in seeing those details, you give them the world.

 We hope we can make your journey in the trenches a little easier by sharing engaging activities and insights over a cup of coffee.  


What Parents Are Saying ...


" ignited a love of learning..."  

"you have done an amazing job preparing him for more learning and for life!"  

"...thank you for your dedication to them and your faith in their abilities to learn and grow"

"thank you for not only teaching her letters and numbers but opening her eyes to the beautiful world around her..."