Small Kids. Big Ideas. is the brainchild of two early childhood educators who started across the hall, but now parallel teach across the country.  The philosophy behind Small Kids. Big Ideas. is that successful learning in a fun way is dependent upon Knowing The Child.  Each child is a gift. They are placed in your care for hours a day. Your job is to notice. Notice those little details that make up that complex child. And in seeing those details, you give them the world.

 We hope we can make your journey in the trenches a little easier by sharing engaging activities and insights over a cup of coffee.  



Peggie Bobo can be found daily on the classroom floor with a crowd of three year olds.  A child development nerd that loves to dive into research then translates those findings into the play of preschoolers. Peggie recently moved to Orlando, Florida from the DC area.  During her time in Virginia, she made the move from Courtroom to Classroom as she became interested in Early Childhood Education and Research, in particular play-based learning with an emphasis on sensory integration.   Her education includes a bachelor degree from Vanderbilt University and a law degree from University of Memphis School of Law.

 Peggie has a great relationship with her husband, 3 kids and coffee.


 Laura Carbone is a believer that children are naturally curious about the world around them and capable of much more than we think.  Knowing that children learn through experience, that knowledge builds on knowledge, and that people overall learn best when engaged and having fun, Laura is constantly spinning new ideas and activities tailored to the individual and class on hand.  


Her goal is to build self-confidence and a love for school and learning that will last beyond the preschool years.  Originally from Oregon, she now lives in northern Virginia with her family.  Her education includes a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Oregon and lots of hands on classroom experience.  Laura first stepped into the preschool classroom in 2002 after having stayed home with her own young daughters and has been loving every minute since, well every minute except the days of puke. Those days she could do without!


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