Fine Motor...Little Fingers


Produce Fun

Throw some corn on the table. Many kids do not have the farm to table connection.  This will help.  They might wonder what is inside or how even to get inside. Don't say anything. Just let them explore.  Shucking corn is hard work, but once they figure out the pattern of the husks, they really start working hard.  It is a fine motor workout while looking for the surprise inside.  Finish up by painting with the corn. 





Paper Towels and Markers. Have eyedroppers at the ready.  Any art can be enhanced/altered/built upon, merely by a few drops of water.  Another great way to sneak in those fine motor skills and some science vocabulary of absorption.   



Fall Leaves

A great extension to Why Leaves Change Color Experiment.  Use orange, red, and yellow markers on paper towels.  The water blends the colors into realistic fall leaves.  Cut into leaf shapes and use on the sticky table.


Frozen Glitter

We needed some ice blocks one hot day  and the girls needed some glitter.  After filling small bowls with glitter, they gather around a communal bowl of water.  It takes effort and commitment to fill a bowl with little eyedroppers, but frozen glitter was worth it. 



Tweezer really challenge those little fingers. Pom poms work well with ice trays, cups and bowls.  Kids love transporting objects from one place to another.   


Spider Painting 

Tie a string around the legs of a plastic spider ring.  Have paper and paint available.  
Plenty of self regulation and motor planning along with fine motor fun

leaf painting.jpg

Leaf Painting.

Fall is subtle in some parts of the world (like Florida) and seldom does one see the colorful Fall Leaves that are in every children's book on Autumn. The kids in my class sometimes don't believe leaves change color. So today, we changed the colors of the leaves and painted huge green leaves RED.

pre wirting 1.jpg

Pre-Writing in the Sensory Bin

This is what Pre-Writing looks  like.  A sensory bin with small objects to manipulate, which builds those fine motor muscles needed for writing.


Pumpkin Guts

Manipulating pumpkin guts while trying to sort out the seeds gets those fingers moving while incorporating sensory integration.


Great Pumpkin Roll

Small, medium and large

This is Pre-Writing...fine motor grips combined with large muscle workout.


Google Eye Green Goop
Today we mixed a No Borax Recipe just to see what happens (like everything I do... Let's just see what happens)

2 bottle cheap shampoo ( I used Suave Green Apple for added scent )
Food Coloring Optional
4-5 cups Cornstarch
4-6 Tablespoon water
Googly Eyes Optional

                                                                                                                All my recipes I tend to eyeball it.

                                                                                     There is no right or wrong way to make a fun concoction. 

Let your littles mix to the consistency they like!

Dig in!


Mini Pumpkins and Eye Droppers

Fill cups with water color (1 yellow and 1 green). Add a mini pumpkin and eye droppers.  Those little fingers love playing with liquids. Plus they might just discover that yellow plus blue make green.  Let them make the discoveries themselves.  It is a much longer lasting lesson.


Tea Bags and Spray Bottles

Spraying tea bags with water is an instant hit.  Try a variety so the kids can discover different colors and scents.