Draft Building Dramatic Play...It Takes Time

You start with a blank slate.  You are so excited about your plans.  Oh , the props, the buildings, the fantasy play that will happen. All under your carefully scripted plans.  

Stop. Breathe. And...do nothing.

Watch those kids. Observe. Notice the details of what is happening when they are interacting, when they are alone deep in play with the item of choice, when they are running around the playground.  What do they look for when they run into the classroom every morning? What books do they ask you to read and read and read.  What do they do with their snacks when eating?


The point of Dramatic Play is not to get the children to pretend.  It is to provide an environment where deep, intentional play can blossom.   


            Helps child to process their world. The world around them.

            Builds creativity

            Problem solving

            Self regulation

Research has shown that this kind of Dramatic Play is a wonderful way to support reading development.


So waht can you do:

1.  observe what interests are riding the waves with your children

2. Involve them

3. Follow their lead

4.  slowly build it. 

5. Read, read and reread  (you already know what they love, what books they gravitate towards,...) 

    Pull those into the dramatic play.   (ex. big red barn..."What color should it be?" "Orange"

6. Put it in the sensory bin....(farm, hay/crack corn/dirt)...we have it all.  on the walls, in the bin, on the playground, on the porch, on the tables, in the paint, over the glue....