A New Year Begins

For teachers, a new school year starts long before the bell rings on the first day.  Tables are cleaned, cheery bulletin boards erected, cubbies and supplies are labeled, groups are formed, toys and teaching materials are washed, and the classroom is neatly organized.  

Although time consuming, this is the easy part of getting ready for a new group of children who will grow with you over the next nine or ten months.  The challenging part is planning a curriculum for a group who essentially at this point are names on paper. Every class is different, every child is unique, every year is a year unlike any other.  We at Small Kids Big Ideas know that what worked one year may not work the next.  We all pull out previous years' lesson plans as a starting point for the new year.  We don't need to completely reinvent the wheel.  What we do need to do is be open to changing or tweaking the curriculum as we get to know the children in our classroom.  

Remember, keep it exciting, keep it fun, share ideas with other teachers, ask for help when needed, and most of all know that what you are doing is making a difference.  It's going to be a great year!