Play Doesn't Need Instructions. It Just Happens.

On the playground today a roll of paper towels blew off a table, unwinding as it rolled along the ground.

Girl: "Can I have it?"
Me: "Sure." (tearing off the long sheet that had hit the ground)
Girl laughing as she runs with the towel flapping behind: "It's a kite!"

I'm quickly surrounded by other children asking for a piece of their own. As I tear off sections, they take off running and laughing trailing their kite towels behind them.

Boy: "Look at my tail!" (he had tucked the end of his towel into the waistband of his pants.) The others quickly follow his lead. Soon they are running around the playground yelling, "I'm a skunk, I'm a cat, I'm a fox, I'm a bird.."

Fun. It's not wrapped up in an expensive toy, but it is wrapped up in the imagination. Play on.