What I Learned From Jumping

What I learned Jumping

 Off couches, swings, diving boards, fences, slides, jungle gyms, trees, boxes and boards stacked as high I as I could get them. I loved the feeling of launching myself into the air with the hopes of flying, if even for a second. The jump was my punctuation for most emotions - excitement, frustration, anticipation, and disappointment. In those jumps, though, that is where the lessons were found…

to accept a challenge

to reach for the unreachable

physical stamina



how close to the ground I was 

how far from the ground I was

to dream

where I was in relation to others

where I was in relation to the earth

to laugh out loud

that sometimes the pause at the top was as important as the jump itself

that sometimes you actually can grasp the unreachable


Do you remember those jumps?

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