Quick! Apples and Oranges!

We've been cooped up indoors for days.  The weather is either too cold or too rainy to venture ouside.  Our routine is off after weeks of school delays and cancellations.  The kids are getting fidgety, the classroom toys are getting a workout, and I'm suddenly noticing how small our classroom is and how much the children have grown.  We're crowded, cramped and we're all getting a bit wacky.  


Time for Apples and Oranges!  A group game that gets you up and moving and can be played in as little as 5 minutes or as long as interest holds.  Apples and Oranges is played much like the game "Musical Chairs" but unlike Musical Chairs, Apples and Oranges does not eliminate players.  There are no winners or losers and everyone is always in the game.  Shared with me by a Kindergarten teacher friend, Apples and Oranges is played like this:


  • Chairs are placed in a circle.  One chair for every player except one.
  • Each child is given a stick with a picture of either an apple or an orange
  • One child is "it" and stands in the circle and all the other children sit in a chair.
  • The child in the center yells out either "apples" or "oranges".  
  • Children holding the stick with the fruit called then must quickly get up and find another chair.  The caller also finds a chair.  The child without a chair is now "it" in the center.

After the kids have grasped this game you can change it up by adding other fruits.  The person who is "it" calls out a fruit or yells "fruit salad" and everybody has to find a new chair.


To make Apples and Oranges sticks, just cut out pictures of fruit and glue them to popsicle sticks.  I laminated my pictures first so they would last longer.