Listen to the Child...Lesson in Planes

Listen to the child. Airport Sticky Table.

Today I was setting up "snow" sticky table, when one of my young travelers kept landing his airplane on it. 
Boy: It's my airport.
Me: No we're going to make a snow cloud.
Boy: (running airplane over it to make an admittedly cool airplane sound effect) It's my airport.
Sadly I kept this conversation up until my thick head started to listen. If he didn't care about a snow cloud, why did I? Immediately, I grab some more contact paper, drew a runway, flipped it over...

Boy: That's my airport.
Me: Yes, it is.
Boy: (yelling to class): It's an airport.
Boys running, grabbing all the airplanes and helicopters we have.

The vocabulary, the sound effects, and the organizational skills were amazing. They played until it was time to go.

They didn't need an adult to play. They just needed an adult to listen.