Day #30 Progress Report: How is that Resolution Coming Along?

We weren't planning on making a resolution.  In fact it never even crossed our minds.  That is until  KinderChat crossed our screen teasing us to take the challenge and blog each day on a given prompt.  At first it was like playing Hot Potato.  Here - it's yours.  Back atcha, you do it, its yours.  During this tossing of the "potato" our resolution was formed.  To meet this challenge and blog every day during the month of January, well every day except the first two we missed.  Pretty soon, without us even noticing, blogging became part of our daily ritual and instead of trying to pass it to the other person we were discussing the prompt and stepping up to take the daily challenge.  So how is our resolution going?  For not having one, I'd say it's going quite well.  Thank you KinderChat Kinderblog!