Day #26 Describe something (or a few things) that you are VERY good at.

When I first read this prompt I didn't know how to respond.  It seemed to be fishing for self-compliments which made me very uncomfortable.  So I did what I always do when I don't know what to do or how to proceed.  I emailed Peggie and tried to dump it on her.  I think she's on to me.  She dropped it right back in my court saying, "You are good at engaging the kid where the kid is. Go for it. And I will go grocery shopping."  Well gee.  Thanks.  Pick me up some coffee while you're out.

Hmmm, engaging the child where the child is.  Know the child. Look for the details that make up the child.  Whoa. there it is.  This is what started Small Kids Big Ideas in the first place.  Our philosophy that successful learning in a fun way is dependent upon knowing the child.  So what is it that I am good at?  That Peggie is good at?  We are good at being open to new ideas, trying new things in the classroom: keeping what works and scraping what doesn't, asking for help,  learning from others, and trying as many ways as we can to make learning fun for the individual child.  What is engaging to one child may not be engaging for another.  Each child is unique.  If we can see and understand the details that make up the child, we can give them the world.  We have to know the child.  So when asked "what is it we are good at?"  My answer is we are VERY good at playing, having fun, and learning along the way.