Preschool Lessons that Last a Lifetime

In preschool we teach kids to:
play nice
be kind
take turns
help each other
care about one another

It's these lessons we hope become a way of life when they reach adulthood. If we are lucky, we get to watch as these small children grow into caring adults. Adults who put others before themselves. 

We'd like to share one young adult who is doing exactly that, putting others before herself so much so that she is willing to shave her head. Her name is Meghan and its been 16 years since she entered a preschool classroom and practiced playing nice and taking turns. She is now a freshman in college and shortly after starting her first semester Meghan learned about St. Baldrick's, an organization that raises money for childhood cancer research by having its participants shave their heads. On March 19, 2014 Meghan will be a bald girl on campus, but not before raising donations to help fight childhood cancer and reminding those around her to always care about one another, share, be kind, and help each other.

If you would like to help Meghan raise money for childhood cancer research, please click here.