Day #21 This week I want to ____ with my class.

Snow is on the way!  At least here in Virginia.  Unfortunately its a dry snow which isn't the best for rolling snowballs and making snowmen, but snow is always fun to play in.   Snow is also a great natural canvas for art.  So this week I want to have fun and paint some snow with my class.   To snow paint, we fill various squirt bottles with colored water and let the kids take it from there.  It's fun and it's a great finger workout.  Clean up is easy too, just wait for the sun to come out.


My counterpart in Florida is trying something very different but just as fun - o.k. maybe not quite as fun as playing in snow but a close second.  This week she wants to freeze animals in Jello with her class.  What fun that will be when they hit the sensory bin.  Hey, maybe we'll try freezing animals in Jello too - outside in the snow.  Double win for Virginia!


Time to put on my boots, hat and gloves.  I'm off to the store to buy some food coloring and Jello!