Day #20 Monday lists: 5 things you eat or drink every (or nearly every) day.

  • COFFEE tops our list of things we drink EVERY day.  I take mine black, Peggie leaves plenty of room for cream, and together we can finish off a pot before we finish checking morning emails, reading the paper, and hitting the shower.  Yes, we are coffee addicts.
  • WATER is second on the list of things we drink every day.  Gotta keep the brain healthy and hydrated.
  • OATMEAL or CHEERIOS make up our daily breakfast most days.  Both of us are usually running around like crazy in the morning getting ready for the school day, but we do try to fuel up with a healthy breakfast - washed down by coffee of course!
  • BREAD.  My biggest downfall - just ask my hips and thighs.  I love bread.  Peggie is slim.  I don't think she likes bread as much as I do.
  • YOGURT.  Lunch is often on the run so grabbing a cup of yogurt along the way keeps us going and going and going.  Although maybe in reality it's all that coffee that keeps us going and going and going.