Day #19 If you could live in any place in the world, WHERE would you live?

Not the question you want to ask someone who still has boxes unpacked from the most recent move of a lifetime of moves (house number 15, including childhood).  At this point, the reality of a move (boxes, movers, utilities, addresses, house shopping, goodbyes, ...) completely overshadows the dreams of a move.  It's too fresh. Even when a move is great (like my most recent one), right now I only feel exhaustion rather than the fantasy of adventure.

The advantage of living in so many places is just that  - I have lived in many different places.  Large cities, small towns, mountains, flat lands, rural, urban, warm and cold.  My counterpart in Small Kids Big Ideas, of course, immediately claimed a warm climate with beaches. But let's give her a break. It is the depth of winter there as opposed to where I am - I have  all those things.  Winner, winner, chicken dinner on location with dream climate.

The other upside of constant relocation is that along with the accumulation of stuff, you also collect friends. People who leave imprints of their lives on your heart.  The neighbor who taught me how to be a neighbor, the friend who wander through young adulthood with me before starting moves of her own, the friend who stumbled through raising preschoolers with me, the friend who laughed over politics and little boys and died too young, the friend who taught me what real Italian food was and laughed with me over our first attempts at teaching. This paragraph could be endless. You all know who you are.

So, if I could live any place in the world, WHERE would that be?  It would be in a place I could gather my grand collection of friends and drink some coffee.  Just don't ask me to pack.