Day # 16 What Resolution? Thanks Kinderchat

Funny thing about resolutions, year in and year out, I somehow avoid making them. My avoidance is not intentional. Nor is it due to the fact that I am not in need of improvement. There's plenty need for that. It just seems the candidates for my resolutions float around in my head like the dust surrounding Charles Schultz's Pig-Pen character, never really settling into concrete goals ready for action. They are there slightly out of reach but never definite enough to warrant action. 

Take this year, for example, I know in the broad scheme of things I need to work out more, devote more energy to my website, research scientific journals on child development and develop a great pie recipe repotiore, but no specific goals were set, no concrete steps planned out. So with a vague sense of a journey of improvement, 2014 started anyway. and, somehow a resolution found me. 

When I stumbled upon Kinderchat's Blog a Day challenge, I was already late, missing the first 2 days. But being one who loves to jump at a good idea (especially someoneelse's) I joined in on Day 3. Publicly saying I'm going to blog everyday has forced me to put some action into my work. When another 24 hours rolls around there is no avoiding the call for a new blog. You said you were going to blog EVERYDAY so apparently that means EVERYDAY!  

So thanks Kinderchat for giving me a resolution when I wasn't really looking! It's been the best resolution I never made!