Marble Christmas Candy


Painting with marbles is fun anytime of year.  One way to add a holiday element is to make Christmas candy using marbles.  We started by have a paper plate already cut and assembled like a peppermint candy.  You can have the children practice cutting skills by having them cut and assemble their own candy, we were short on time so opted to have them preassembled.  

Have the child place their candy in a large oatmeal container.  Drop in some red paint, snap on the lid, and have them shake away.  The look on their face when it comes out red is priceless!   Lay the candy flat to dry.  Once dried, place the candy in a box, add white paint and marbles, and have the child tilt the box back and forth to get the marbles moving through the paint.  While it is still wet, let them sprinkle the candy with glitter.  Once dried, add ribbon to the corners.